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Last Chance Flight Band Members

[img src=]1060Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell - Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica
[img src=]540Pat Bryant
Pat Bryant - Bass Guitars
[img src=]360Stephanie Teagarden
Stephanie Teagarden - Vocals & Percussion
[img src=]550Stan Adell
Stan Adell - Drums & Percussion; Graphics & Web Design
[img src=]450Joel Davidson
Joel Davidson - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
[img src=]280Stephanie Teagarden
Stephanie Teagarden - Vocals & Percussion
[img src=]740Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell - Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica
[img src=]500Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell - Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica
[img src=]430Stan Adell
Stan Adell - Drums & Percussion; Graphics & Web Design
[img src=]510Pat Bryant
Pat Bryant - Bass Guitars
[img src=]250Stephanie Teagarden
Stephanie Teagarden - Vocals & Percussion
[img src=]420Pat Bryant
Pat Bryant - Bass Guitars
[img src=]390Stan Adell
Stan Adell - Drums & Percussion; Graphics & Web Design
[img src=]360Joel Davidson
Joel Davidson - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
[img src=]180Stephanie Teagarden
Stephanie Teagarden - Vocals & Percussion
[img src=]340Joel Davidson
Joel Davidson - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

DOB: 5/17
HAIR: Yeah, some.
INSTRUMENT:  Guitar(s), Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, and Vocals

Larry Campbell-Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica...Larry Campbell, head honcho, and name-sake of LCF has been writing, playing, and singing music for almost as long as he can remember.   At the age of ten, Larry taught himself to play the guitar and has been making music ever since.  He plays rhythm and lead guitar, (both electric and acoustic), and has most recently taught himself banjo and mandolin as well.  Larry has also been known to crank on a mean bluesy harmonica at times.  Some have compared his vocal talent to the likes of David Crosby, Phil Collins, and Sting.  He needs no comparison; his voice stands strong on its own.

When he isn’t playing music, he plays with money and teaches university classes.  He graduated with a degree in Business from Southern Nazarene University, a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Mid-America Nazarene University where he is a professor of business and he is currently working on his Doctorate.  If that weren’t enough, Larry has also had a successful political career as an Olathe City Council Member (both past and present), Mayor of Olathe, and Kansas State Representative.  He makes his home in Olathe with his patient and loving wife Gigi.  They have two gorgeous daughters, Jessica and Valerie.


  • Born in a boot heel and it wasn’t in Italy! 
  • Rarely writes down the words of a new song before singing it.

DOB: 11/17
HAIR: Still has it! 

Pat Bryant-Bass GuitarsPat’s full title is actually Dr. Patrick J. Bryant, Pharm.D., FSCIP Director, Drug Information Center Clinical Professor, UMKC School of Pharmacy.  So, that’s what he does when he isn’t playing bass.  He also spends time with his family.  He is married to Peggy, and tries to keep up with rambunctious sons Sam and Josh.

 Pat Bryant began playing and writing music when he was just five years old.  He would compose songs on the piano by writing the letter of the note down on paper — since he could not yet read music!  He played various brass instruments during his school years and was in the Nebraska Marching Band throughout college.  At 14, Pat stood up next to an upright bass, three years later, at 17, he went for a smaller electric version of bass.  After majoring in music for three and a half years, Pat changed his major to Pharmacy and at that point, he put music away for about 20 years.  THANKFULLY, God had other plans for Pat and called him back to the bass in 1996 to play with a church praise/worship band.  Once he picked up the bass again, he has not put it down.  Fortunately for LCF, he started playing bass for them in 2002, upright, down low, electric, and acoustic — he plays them all and plays them well!!


  • Outdoor pests find him absolutely irresistible!!  In fact, they have tried to love him to death! 
  • After going on a low carb diet, he found a stand up bass that had done the same thing! 

DOB: 6/14
HAIR: More than Larry
Drums & Percussion, Graphics and Web Design

Stan Adell, Percussion and Design Stan Adell started playing drums when the Beatles were popular and he was “Ringo.” He had the opportunity to travel around the world with bands like “Simple Truth” and doing concerts with music pioneers like Paul Clark, Keith Green, Phil Keaggy, Love Song, Petra, Andre Crouch and many others. He played with LCF in the late 90s and rejoined the band in 2009.

Stan has been in the graphics design field for over 20 years. He has owned his own design studio as well as worked for large corporations. He has also taught computer graphics and web design courses at Mid-America Nazarene University. Stan is the Aviation Training Web/Interface Designer for Garmin. He also provides a wide variety of services for families and businesses to enjoy life with Adell Communications, LLC.




  • Stan’s first band was “The Green Shoebox” which did a killer version of “Little Red Riding Hood.” They were a colorful band.
  • You should have seen his huge afro hairstyle back in the day. (Oh, you can in the Band Member Photos)
  • Stan married Adele so yes, she is Adele Adell – weird name, but people remember it.


HABITAT: Overland Park, KS
DOB: 2/25
HAIR: A sophisticated salt & pepper in minimalistic fashion
INSTRUMENT: The Sound System

Jeff McBee-Sound EngineerJeff McBee has been a part of LCF for nine years, joining as their sound engineer in 2002.  Jeff trained vocally and instrumentally at college but quickly realized he would not make a career out of it. It was during those college days that Jeff became interested in sound. The training in music ultimately made him a better sound guy. Today, Jeff is the Technical Media Director at a local church and chief recording engineer at Evening Star Studios in Olathe, KS where LCF recorded their latest CD. In addition, Jeff freelances as a sound engineer for multiple events in the Kansas City area. These are not his day job, but rather his passion, well, in addition to his Harley-Davidson Road King Classic!  Jeff truly considers himself a part of the group; he understands that he is the last one to “touch” the music before it is heard.

 Jeff’s family includes: his fun, loving wife and best friend of over 20 years, Liz, their beautiful daughter, Hayden, their talented son Kendon and Kendon’s better half, Elisabeth.


  • He has two dogs; Zubee and Bumble, aka – minions of the dark lord, spreading destruction wherever they go!
  • His favorite function on the soundboard is the mute button.
  • He and Larry have the same middle name…Mortimer, not really but they do have the same middle name.

HABITAT: Kansas City, MO
DOB: 9/21
HAIR: Still Blonde.
INSTRUMENT: The lights (and sound backup)

Carter’s light show experience began in 1997 in a community playhouse where his duties included running lights and sound for the shows and basically anything else that did not require getting on stage in front of an audience.  In 2002, after moving back to Kansas City, he was drafted at the last minute to run the lights for the Tennebrae service at a local church so that the regular light technician could sing in the choir that night.  This “one-time” gig grew into a permanent ministry at the church. After years of absorbing information by osmosis sitting next to Jeff McBee in the sound booth, Carter’s official sound tech training began in 2009, and he has become the backup sound technician for Jeff at the church.  He has run both sound and lights for various drama productions and children’s musicals at church where he has developed a talent for maximizing the capacity of ancient technology .  In the Summer of 2011, Larry brought Carter on board LCF to train under Jeff (once again) as the backup sound technician for the band. The light show was added in the Fall of 2011.

Carter’s day job has included working on construction contracts for the military, federal and other municipal entities.  Since 1990, Carter has supported our country’s troops by keeping their homes, streets, schools, offices and recreational facilities in fighting form at eleven military bases mainly in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. Currently he is a cost estimator for a local contracor specializing in masonry work. He has a lovely wife, Angela,  and two lively daughters, Glenne and Gracie.


  • His wife, Angela, spent time in prison with Larry (performing, that is)
  • Plays the piano, but only when nobody is listening, because he can’t keep time.
  • Loves restoring old Victorian houses so much that he has been doing the same one since 1993. He has never watched “The Money Pit” since he is living it.
  • Dreams of adding pyrotechnics to the shows. MORE FIRE!

You can book our friends Stephanie Teagarden and Joel Davidson as the
“Duo Du Jour Band” by contacting Steph at (785) 220-4555 or email.

DOB: 3/30
HAIR: Who needs it!
INSTRUMENT: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Mandolin, Ukulele, Vocals

Joel Davidson-GuitarsJoel was born at a very young age in Topeka.  He’s been playing professionally since he was 15 and got his start in a Polka Band.  (Insert laughter here.)  After that came opportunities to play with some great musicians in a variety of genres – rock and roll, classic oldies, country, big band and swing, blues and reggae, as well Christian worship music.  He took time off from college to tour nationally for a year.  He studied music and computer science at Washburn University in Topeka.  Back when he had hair he married Connie and they co-produced two great kids who, along with their spouses, are all musical.

By day, Joel is an I.T. geek for the State of Kansas riding herd over tons of information as a server administrator.  Kind of an electronics wiz kid, he equipped his TVs with remote capability long before it was available on the market.  As time allows, he can be found building, repairing or “improving” guitars and sound equipment and/or buying and selling same on the Internet.



  • Loves to collect and play beautiful instruments.
  • Drives a Jeep.  “It’s a Jeep thing.”
  • Is allergic to chocolate.
  • Dad’s name is Harley Davidson.  Oh yes it is.
  • When dining at a restaurant loves to order a rubber band sandwich …”and make it snappy”!

HABITAT: Tecumseh, KS (but claims Lawrence, KS as “home”)
DOB: 5/4
HAIR: Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down…you know, like the stock market
INSTRUMENT: Vocals and percussion…namely, kazoo

Stephanie Teagarden - Vocals & PercussionSteph has been singing since she had bruised shins and pigtails, with her first solo in church at the ripe old age of nine.  She’s been singing for the Lord ever since and currently leads worship at Topeka Bible Church on a regular basis.  Stephanie has had many professional and varied experiences in music, singing in a touring college choir at KSU and in various bands.  She has had the great opportunity of doing two professional recording projects with Kerry Livgren, founding member of the band, “Kansas.”  She has sung the National Anthem at Kauffman Stadium twice, performed a solo concert at the Kansas State Fair, and has experience singing songs in nearly every genre of music.  She dabbles in songwriting and has sung two of her original tunes in public (a huge feat for a closet-writer such as herself).

Stephanie is a former elementary teacher, and the quarter-of-a-century wife of, Matt.  She is also the mom of one daughter, Allie, and a son-in-law, Kale, both of whom are also musical.  Since leaving the field of education after 16-year burn-out, Steph has been pursuing music full-time with much joy.  In her free time and when she isn’t taking care of things on the home front, she writes a weekly Christian blog for women, runs and trains for 5K’s, travels with her hubby, and takes lots of pictures.


  • Loves to golf, swim, water ski, snow ski, and anything else that is outdoors or in the sun.
  • Is a serious music junkie, typically attending a concert or supporting one of her fave local bands on a weekly basis.
  • Loves baseball and agrees with Humphrey Bogart that, “a hotdog at the ballpark is better than steak at the Ritz,” (though she loves steak, too)!
  • Being a quarter Mexican and a foodie, she can tell you where the best Mexican or Southwest food joints are for a nominal fee:  taking her along!